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Bike-Ped Master Plans

xGeographic assists regional agencies, counties, towns and cities with bicycle and pedestrian master plans using xGeographic WAVE software. 

Continuing Planning Services

xGeographic assists municipalities with their planning needs, including GIS services, comprehensive planning and emergency management on a continuing, contractual basis.

Comprehensive Plan Coastal Elements

xGeographic staff has experience working with Florida peril of flood legislation and can assist your coastal community with statutory requirements.

Comprehensive Plan EAR Amendments

xGeographic can fulfill the needs your municipality has for 5-year EAR amendments. This includes updating demographics, policies, maps, and other areas in line with statutory requirements.

Floodplain Management Plans

Our staff has vast experience crafting Floodplain Management Plans for counties. These plans meet all FEMA, CRS and state requirements.

Form Based Codes

xGeographic assists municipalities and special districts in the development of form based codes, guiding future development standards to maximize livability. 

GIS Data Integration & Online Mapping

Out staff assists public entities map their internal data within a host of spaces, including asset mapping, vulnerability mapping, land use mapping, online mapping programs and more.

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

xGeographic staff has vast experience mapping and analyzing community vulnerability to hazards including storm surge, sea level rise, coastal flooding and 100-year rainfall events. 

Local Mitigation Strategies

Our staff can complete your county's Local Mitigation Strategy in line with state and CRS requirements. This includes 5 year updates to plans in future years. 

xGeographic WAVE Software

xGeographic WAVE software will be licensed for GIS desktop use on January 1, 2021. Licensing to municipalities is done on an annual, enterprise-wide basis. 

Urban Design

Our staff can assist your municipality or special district with the development of conceptual development plans for corridors, town centers and downtowns. 

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