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xGeographic was formed in September 2020 by founder PJ Smith with a mission to create innovative and integrated software and design products. We strive to instill passion, fun and innovation into our work because we cannot imagine doing anything else. 

About the Founder  |  PJ Smith, AICP

PJ Smith, AICP is a certified planner with eleven years of experience in the urban planning and data science fields. PJ graduated from the University of Florida in 2009, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Urban and Regional Planning, and also received a Master's Degree in Civic Urbanism from Rollins College in 2012 while working as a planner for a small design firm.

From 2012 to 2020, PJ worked at the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, collaborating with stakeholders in the 8-County East Central Florida region and focusing primarily on urban design, coastal resiliency, emergency management, GIS and the conceptualization and implementation of LOTIS software.



"If you were to go back and tell me at ten years old what I'm doing today, I'd probably laugh in disbelief. I was a SimCity kid, loved skyscrapers, loved trees, loved numbers, and would get an Almanac every year for Christmas just to see if Orlando city-proper had cracked the top 100 for most populous US cities...  xGeographic is my way to jettison this passion and my experience in the public sector for the benefit of our shared communities."

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