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Co-Contracting and Sub-Contracting

xGeographic is a nimble, flexible firm capable of taking the lead or working with fellow consultants as a partner on a range of projects. Please reach out to us for collaboration opportunities!

xGeographic WAVE Database (Desktop Version)

xGeographic WAVE can be licensed on an annual, enterprise-wide basis beginning January 1, 2021. This software will assist in all of your planning needs in Metro Orlando. 

Parcel Identifier

Using xGeographic WAVE, developers can contract with xGeographic to determine sites for new development. Using its database of 40 point of interest types, our ability to find the correct location for your business is unmatched. 

Urban Design

xGeographic teams with engineering and planning firms on master plans for corridors, downtowns and town centers. Our team focuses on the conceptual phase of the site development process and works best alongside collaborating engineers. 

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