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About Aqua

Aqua, an extension of xGeographic's Wave software, is used to measure and assess the impacts of natural hazards on coastal communities. 

Aqua assesses the modeled impacts of sea level rise, storm surge, and flooding on numerous community features, and bundles these analytics into tailored reports for coastal communities. 

Aqua Analytics Reports are completed for communities in one-to-two months and can be customized to include additional features, such as community outreach.

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Aqua Analytics Reports

View Scope of Work


Aqua Analytics reports assess the vulnerabilities posed to the following community features:

  • Property Values & Buildings

  • Points of Interest and Essential Services

  • Critical Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Transportation Network

  • Vulnerability by Land Use Type

  • Low Income Population Affected, Per Hazard

  • Zero Vehicle Population Affected

  • Coastal Protection Profile

2022-2023 Aqua Rollout

View the Draft FRCP Scope of Work


xGeographic will be collaborating with coastal towns and cities in Florida to apply for state funding from the Florida Resilient Coastlines Program for the 2022-2023 grant cycle. These grants are funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

As part of this effort, xGeographic will team with two to three cities to complete Aqua Analytics Reports, as well as community outreach and other deliverables requested by collaborating municipalities. 

The Scope of Work, which is linked above, includes core deliverables that would be pursued as part of this grant, in addition to an optional deliverable listing. 

Firm Experience


PJ Smith, AICP

AICP Certification - American Planning Assoc.

NOAA Certification - Coastal Inundation Mapping

Managed Projects

Brevard Co. Local Mitigation Strategy (2015)

Future Storm Surge, Volusia Co. Analysis (2020)

IRL Outfall Vulnerability Analysis (2016)

Resilient Titusville (2019)

River to Sea TPO SLR Vulnerability Analysis (2017)

Satellite Beach SLR Vulnerability Study (2014)

Space Coast TPO SLR Vulnerability Analysis (2019)

Volusia Co. Floodplain Management Plan (2020)

Volusia Co. Local Mitigation Strategy (2020)

*Managed while working at the ECFRPC

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