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MTP VIewer

Tracking the Trends

Crosswalk Asset Inventory

GIS Files

Crosswalks File

Crosswalk Analysis Roads File

Crosswalk Barrier File

Crosswalk File GIS Methodology

*Email PJ for access to distance file

Bike Ped Crash Stats

Bike/Ped Crash Summary Tables

Excel Spreadsheet

GIS Methodology

Central Florida MPO Alliance

Documents & Links


Indicator Report (pdf)

Indicator Report (word)

Story Map

Interactive Map

Level of Traffic Time Reliability

GIS File & Automation


Automation Toolbox

Safe Streets & Roads for All

Story Map

Link to Story Map

Wave Database

Technical Presentation

Link to Presentation

Next Up

Bike/Ped Counts Web Map (TBD)

Internal GIS Audit/Organization

BWCF/BFF Web Map Updates Hosted by MetroPlan

Continued Streetlight Automation

TIP or PPL Web Maps (TBD)

Potential Projects

Critical Sidewalk Gap Analysis (by Type)

Comprehensive Crash Analytics Report(s)

On-Street Bike Lane Risk Analysis

Transit Ridership & Proximity Analysis

Food Gap Identification & Countermeasures

Park Gap Identification & Countermeasures

Transit Gap Identification & Countermeasures

SunTrail QA

Network Evaluation Model Updates


Freight Corridor Identification

Accessibility Analyses (Population within X Distance)

Observed Speed Differential Analysis

EV Station Location & Gap Analysis

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