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xGeographic is a geospatial technology company that develops digital twins of metropolitan areas with a mission to improve urban mobility, inform development investment decision making, and propel smart cities into the future.


Our clients include public municipalities and agencies, transportation engineering firms, land use planning firms, community building non-profits and real estate development firms.

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Our primary product, xGeographic WAVE, is a land use, transportation, environmental and demographic mapping database, usable across GIS mapping platforms, that has been built for the Orlando Metropolitan Area. Click on the Wave page for information on product licensing. 


Jade finds parcels that meet developer criteria using the proprietary Wave parcel database, then scores those parcels in order to maximize specific developer requirements. 


Aqua, an extension of xGeographic's Wave database, is used to measure and assess the impacts of natural hazards on coastal communities. 



Quality Design

xGeographic founder PJ Smith has completed numerous master plans for municipalities, working on teams that won design awards from the National Association of Development Organizations and the American Planning Association Surf Coast Chapter in 2017 and 2019. 

Broad Urban Context

xGeographic works within rural, suburban and urban contexts in our design work and our plans  cover corridors, town centers, small area plans and downtowns.

Phase of Development

xGeographic completes conceptual phase plans for developers and municipalities that require engineering review. We also team with urban design and engineering firms on projects.



Aqua   |   Hazard Vulnerability Analyses

xGeographic founder PJ Smith is NOAA certified in coastal inundation mapping and has extensive experience modeling the impacts of storm surge, flooding and sea level rise for coastal communities. This includes critical facility, infrastructure, financial and building vulnerability analyses.

Resiliency Plans & Public Outreach

We can assist your municipality in the drafting of long range resiliency plans, working with community members to prioritize infrastructure and policy recommendations.

Policy Development & Peril of Flood Requirements

xGeographic can assist towns, cities and counties in enhancing public policy in line with peril of flood legislation. This includes necessary emergency management and comprehensive planning work.



Data Science for Bike/Ped Solutions

We are dedicated to improving safety, comfort and mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians. Using

xGeographic WAVE software, we find tailored solutions for complex mobility issues. 


Complete Street Design

xGeographic assists agencies and municipalities with conceptual designs for roadways that include features such as buffered bike lanes, off-street paths, intersection bulb-outs, context-sensitive lighting, and other features that contribute to traffic calming. 

Community Involvement

xGeographic founder PJ Smith previously served on the Board of Directors of Bike-Walk Central Florida, an advocacy non-profit group based in Orlando, Florida devoted to improving conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians.



Transportation Analytics

The xGeographic WAVE database provides comprehensive roadway data for public and private entities. This data can be used to measure critical indicators such as level of traffic stress, metrics for bike/ped access to community features, bicycle and pedestrian accessibility and more.

Land Use Analytics

The xGeographic WAVE database includes more than 40 point of interest types and is updated quarterly. This point of interest data feeds into access indices that can guide planning decisions.

Simulations using Transportation and Land Use Data

xGeographic Wave, Jade and Aqua software simulate the impacts of new trails, new points of interest, hurricanes (by intensity), and other factors that offer perspective on future impacts.



Jade   |   Find a Development Site

xGeographic can find parcels specific to developer needs using its internal Jade software. This can include requirements for parcel size and value, analytics showing the distance of nearest competitors, daily traffic, area income, customers within a 10-minute walk and 10-minute bike, and more.

Implement Smart Growth

xGeographic assists counties and municipalities with their growth management strategies, identifying vacant and underutilized areas for development and redevelopment. 

Simulate the Impacts of New Community Features

Using the simulation feature of xGeographic WAVE, our team can simulate metrics related to transit expansion, new commercial development, and the related before-and-after impacts of development from an accessibility and livability perspective. 

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